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Typical symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include:

The abnormal permeability of the gut, the ‘degree of leakage’, can be objectively measured and monitored with specific laboratory tests.

How is leaky gut diagnosed?

Leaky gut is a functional disorder that impairs the normal function of a bodily process, but the body looks completely normal under examination. It's like having a headache, you can't see it, but you know you have it. There are two lab tests that measure the degree of permeability. One is a xylose test and the other is a zonulin test. A D-xylose test determines how well the intestines absorb a simple sugar (D-xylose). The test helps determine if nutrients are being properly absorbed. Zonulin is a protein that upon binding to its receptor, causes the disassembly of tight gap junctions and increased permeability within the intestines.